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Description Watts Equiv. Price (each) Quantity
L409A1927K AMCG A-Lamp, 2700K 9 60 $3.29
LED10A19DOD27K TCP A-lamp 2700K, Omni 10 60 $3.79
LED10A19DOD50K TCP A-lamp 5000K, Omni 10 60 $3.99
P433235 Philips A-Lamp 5000K 10 60 $5.99
LED18A21DOD27K TCP A-lamp 2700K 18 100 $16.19
P432195 Philips A-lamp 2700K 19 100 $18.89
CR-BR30-65W-27K CREE BR30 2700K   9.5 65 $11.99
CR-BR30-65W-50K CREE BR30 5000K   9.5 65 $16.99
LED10BR30D27K TCP BR30 2700K 10 65 $6.29
LED12BR30D27K TCP BR30 2700K 12 75 $9.39
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36-66 $30-$35
72-84 $45-$50
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LED Lighting Guide
1. Light Bulb Output: How Much Light?

The brightness of traditional incandescent bulbs has always been identified by its wattage. However, the Watt is a measure of power consumption and not brightness. The term that provides a true measure of the light output of a bulb is the Lumen. The higher the lumen number, the brighter the light. The table below will help you compare lumen output of standard wattage incandescent bulbs to halogen, CFL, and LED bulbs.

2. Light Appearance: What Color Light?

Incandescent lighting is usually described on its packaging as soft‐white or warm‐white. The Kelvin (K) scale rating is a more accurate measure that identifies the light appearance or light color a bulb provides. Incandescent bulbs produce light at 2700K and LED bulbs can produce light of the same warm, inviting color. Be sure to check the Lighting Facts label for a Light Appearance rating of 2700K if you want to keep the look of your current incandescent lighting. LED bulbs with higher Kelvin ratings provide a cooler, or more similar to daylight, appearance. Some people prefer a cooler appearance for task lighting or in rooms like kitchens and offices. With most LED bulbs having a Color Rendering Index (CRI) above 80, they also can do an excellent job of portraying the true color of objects in a room.
3. Lighting Facts: Read the Label

It is very important to make sure the lumen rating of a bulb provides the brightness you need. In this example, 800 lumens is the equivalent of a 60‐watt incandescent bulb.
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: LED bulbs have the lowest operating cost and will save you money and energy for years.
Energy Star: This logo means the bulb meets Energy Star's requirements for efficiency, expected life, and quality. All LED bulbs offered by LREC will carry the Energy Star logo.
Life: A long life ensures that a high‐efficiency LED bulb will pay for itself over time.
Light Appearance: 2700K will provide the warm hue and appearance most people are familiar with. Bulbs that produce a cooler or whiter light will have a higher rating--usually 3500K and over.
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